[Music] Funmi Ani - Adore

Born and raised by a mother who loves music: deep and powerful Gospel songs, which was an outflow of her love and devotion to the Lord Jesus, Funmi Ani wakes up each day to hymnals and spiritual songs streaming out of her mother’s old record player. This made her fell in love with music; at a very tender age, she started singing with the choir, writing songs for friends and musical groups.

Adore by Funmi Ani gets her inspirations from words of faith and song writing is a gift given to her by God to inspire lives through the message of Hope.

She desires to become a minstrel to the world, a voice that brings the hope of salvation to the lost and

despairing. and ADORE BY FUNMI ANI is just a piece

The song "Adore" was a song birthed at the place of reflecting on the awesomeness of God and how wonderful he has been to me. My heart fluttered and my whole being marveled.

Still, I wondered why some have refused to worship him as God, "for the fool has said in his heart that there is no God"

It was in this place of meditation and reflection, Adore began to flow out of my heart and my mouth began to sing: "I will never serve another…"


Sing along with me as we proclaim His sovereignty and Adore Him, who alone is God.

This God is our God forever…psalm 48:14.- Funmi Ani "Adore"

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