Video; McClure Twins Family: "KICKED OUT OF OUR NEW HOME!" @McClureTwins

Drama, Drama, and more Drama! The McClure families bought a house, tried to move in, but due to technicality in paperwork they weren't able to move. They literally got kicked out of their new home! They had moved out belongings into the house, when the real estate agent stopped the process, "the money hasn't can't move!" where to go? to the hotel. 

They don't have their house, they don't have a new house, they are homeless for a few days: Homeless in a hotel. Also, Ami is 9 months pregnant, baby brother ready to arrive any day now! Not only are they homeless in a hotel, but very pregnant. 

Regardless, they had a fun time (they always do). Spending time with the girls (McClure Twins), teaching them some unique learning skills and showing them how "...Dad gets his strength". 

Just goes to show that you can have fun anywhere! The McClure should be moved into our new house this week...will keep you all updated.