Galala, Alanta, Yahooze, Azonto, Shakiti Bobo, Shoki – Which Is The Biggest Dance Ever In Nigeria?

No matter how the drum or beat sounds, there are many made in Nigeria dance styles that can be adopted in case you find yourself in a drought of dance moves 😀
Meanwhile, the Nigeria’s music industry has been fun and exciting over the years not only because we’ve got good music but also our ability to create amazing dance styles. Exactly why any song that comes with a unique dance move in Nigeria is always an automatic hit.
However, Galala, Alanta, Yahooze, Azonto, Etighi, Shakiti Bobo, Shoki, Alingo and Skelewu dance are some of the best ever Nigeria made dance steps.
Now, Let’s examine the beauty of these dance styles in a bid to actually determine the biggest.


Proudly brought to us by legendary artistes from the stronghold of Ajegunle. The dance was peculiar to the sound of Daddy Showkey, African, China, Baba Fryo among others.
This dance usually begins by the way of forward or backward movement and when the beat starts going deep, it’s just natural for the two legs to get busy moving in different direction based on the rhythm.
This dance is best applicable to reggae dancehall music.


Alanta was a dance virus in 2007. The dance went viral after the release of “Alanta” music video by Artquake duo.
The lyrics of the song explains the dance.
“Je ki n fe ra
orun n mu mi,
open your hands like say you wan fly away,
Alanta, One leg up!!”
To get into that crazy Alanta dance mood, you’ve got to start feeling as if you need to scratch your body or as if you’re feeling hot under cool breeze.
As a result, the dance starts by raising hands up as if you’re about to scratch your body or fan yourself then followed by simultaneous one leg up move according to the pace of the beat.


As a hustler that eventually make it big, the only dance you would want to dance is the Yahooze dance. The dance became popular after the release of “Yahooze” by Olu Maintain.
The whole of this dance requires the use the hands only. Because the dance is associated with the rich niggas, there is no need to sweat, all you need to do is to roll up your hands in the sky one after the other while the legs do little or no movement.


Unlike one corner dance, Azonto is one good dance move that originated from Ghana but later popularized by our very own StarBoy, Wizkid before Fuse ODG took it up.
Azonto is an expressive dance that involves throwing the hands in different direction alongside some creative feet moves. This dance can be spotted on songs like Wizkid’s Azonto, Fuse ODG’s Azonto feat Tiffany and a host of others.


This is a dance that originated from Akwa Ibom/Calabar Nigeria to all nooks and crannies of Africa to the world. This dance is a booty dance and that’s why it is always amazing when you see a lady with big “nyansh” do Etighi dance.
Meanwhile, Etighi is a simple dance step that involves carrying the hips up in a left and right alternated direction. The feet moves of Etighi can be mixed with the hand moves of Azonto to create a very outstanding dance experience.
The dance became so damn relatable in Nigeria after it’s popular use in Iyanya‘s hit single, Kukere.


Shakiti Bobo is a “Wobey” dance created by Olamide Baddo in 2015 after the release of his “Shakiti Bobo” music video.
The dance involves a rhythmic movement of the hands and legs at the same time. It depends on whether you want to start the movement with your right hand and right leg, whichever way, the dance becomes interesting when you spice it up with a little bit of head and shoulder movement.


The originator of Shoki Dance is Dre San (Take it or leave it) but the success of the song could be traced to Lil kesh and Orezi.
This dance style can actually match any kind of beat if it’s actually done very well.
Fashola doing the Shoki dance 😄
Shoki is a waist and hand dance, all you need to do is roll your hand around your neck, then bend to the side while you go down in reverse to the rhythm.


Alingo dance may be difficult to do If you don’t have that kind of Peter Psquare‘s energy. The dance is a fast one which requires much energy to really do it well.
Even though Alingo may be difficult for some of us who just dance for fun but it’s enjoyable to be an ordinary spectator when it’s done by professionals.


Both Skelewu track and Skelewu dance are both mega hits for Davido side by side in 2013. The dance involves putting one hand in front, the other hand on the waistline then slow whine to the front and to the back as the spirit leads.
Now, it’s obvious that It is only those with zero dance skills that will always complain about a bad beat.
All these aforementioned dance moves are not only popular in Nigeria, they are also made by Nigerians.
Let’s discuss, amidst dance styles like Galala, Alanta,Yahooze, Azonto, Etighi, Shakiti Bobo, Shoki, Alingoand Skelewu 👇