11 Reasons You Should Absolutely Date A Blogger. 

So you're thinking about going dating a blogger? A good idea? oh yes, it is. Why is it a good idea to date a blogger? Well, let me give you 11 reasons why you should date a blogger:

1. Sense of humor.  

If someone is a good blogger, they would definitely have a good sense of humor. They have to be witty because that is one of the most important factors that keeps their readers engaged. And also, sometimes even the most serious topic needs to be written in a funny and satiric way. And of course, it's good to be a person who has a good sense of humor as they would always cheer you up no matter how much of a tough time you're going through. 

2. Expressive and honest 

Most bloggers are straight forward. They would tell you what they feel about something or someone. That's what they do while blogging - express what they feel. 
They are very open, which means you don't have to worry if there are any unsaid things between you two. Everything that needs to be said would be said.

3. Good eye for detail 

Bloggers have a good eye for detail, they notice even the slightest changes - because that's what they do, notice any changes about a subject and write about it. If you've got a new hairdo or have got a new dress, they'll notice and they'll give you a compliment. Getting noticed and receiving compliments is always nice, right?

4. Remember dates. 

Bloggers need to remember a lot of dates, so they can write about the occasion or topic. So, you won't have to worry about remembering an important date; because they would remember all of those special occasions and even might surprise you with a surprise gift or treat.

5. Dedicated and patient. 

Running a blog might look very simple and you might think that anyone can do it; but no, that's not the case. Having a blog and running it properly needs a lot of dedication and patience. More than 50% of all the bloggers never make it to their second year of blogging because it gets very frustrating when you write something that you think people should read but they don't. They might get so frustrated that they end up quitting. So, if you find someone who has regularly been blogging for quite some years, just know that they are dedicated and patient - qualities that many people lack.

6. Invitations and presents. 

Bloggers get lots of invitations to some of the most happening events, music concerts, film screening and more. Joining them to some of the events that you really want to attend would be fun, wouldn't it? Plus they also get various presents from companies and business houses, especially when they have some new products.
So yep! What's your partner's is yours.

7. Good photos. 

Most bloggers take good pictures and edit them well because that's a part of their work. You can always count on them when you need to take nice pictures and slay for your social media accounts. Cool, eh? 😉

8. Will have enough time for you. 

Bloggers can be super busy, but at the same time, they might be super free all the time.
The thing is, you won't have to worry much about not getting to spend enough time with them because they work according to their own schedules. So this "Office time" thing wouldn't be much of a problem because they don't have fixed working hours and can be available whenever you need them.

9. You'll never get bored. 

One thing is for sure, you'll never get bored in their company. They are always up to date with all the latest happenings and stuff; and so, they'll always have interesting things to talk about.

10. Celebrity Crush! 

Bloggers need to talk to and meet various "popular" people.
So if you have a celebrity crush or a desire to meet any of them, you've got a better shot at getting to meet them if you're with a blogger. Yep!

11. Places, food, events. 

Bloggers generally know about cool and new places where you two can have a good time. They know what's happening in what place; and would also know what restaurant is serving what, and will make sure you have the best food while you're with them.

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