Is this the Omo Wobe Olamide sang about?? Watch this video of a girl narrating how she was deflowered.

Many are Crazy but few are Roaming…. 
I almost damaged my phone while watching this Video of a Girl been interviewed on the Street narrating how she was disvirgined many years ago.
Mehn, even as she dey narrate the story self, My Boxer don almost tear but as a sure guy na, I sharply comot for outside enter house go watch the remaining 
Watch this Video below:-
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.. Before e touch me gan me I don wet  Shey na only me like this Part? If you like this part also, Kindly let us know in the comment box.
 Guys, don’t you think this is the Omo Wobe Olamide sang about?
 No lie, while watching the Video, your this thing stand up abi e no stand up?
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