"10 Things You Should Not Do This Friday If You Are A Muslim"

– Yaomul Jumuah or simply Jumuah is
the Arabic word for Friday, the sixth
day of the week, when Muslims gather
in the Masjid (Mosque) to say the
weekly Friday prayer known as
Salaatul Jumuah – Jumuah itself is the most revered day
among the seven days that make up a
week, as Muslims prepare so much for
– Muslims will be saying Salaatul
Jumuah this Friday just like all other Fridays until the world cease to exist
– It is important Muslims desist from
some acts which could reduce the
reward they will get from Allah every
This Friday or any other Friday should not be joked with. It is a day which is
known as one of the days of the
festivities of the Muslims. Any Muslim
who believe in Allah (God) should not
do things which deviate from what the
day typifies. 1. Talking/greeting people in the
Masjid while the Imaam is giving the
It is totally wrong to talk or greet
anybody while the Imaam is delivering
the Khutbah (sermon). When the Imaam mounts the Minbar (pulpit), all
forms of talking or any other thing
must stop, until Salaatul Jumuah ends.
Salaatul Jumuah is not just the prayer
which is said after the Khutbah, but
the Khutbah is also one of the two components of Jumuah, which is
before the two Raka’h prayer.
Muslims are not allowed to greet nor
to reply greeting while the Khutbah is
2. Reciting the Glorious Qur’an while the Khutbah is going on
The Glorious Qur’an is the Book of
Allah, which is recited even by the
Imaam during the Khutbah and on
prayer. However, it is wrong to recite it
as the Imaam is delivering the Khutbah. It is either it is recited before
or after the Khutbah.
3. Standing up for the Naafil when the
Imaam commences the second part of
the Khutbah
There is a practice whereby some Muslims who ought to observe the
Naafil (voluntary prayer apart from the
compulsory ones) called Tahiyyatul
Masjid (Naafil observed upon entering
the Masjid) when they enter Masjid for
Jumuah. They will rather prefer to stand up for
Naafil when the Imaam begins the
second part of his Khutbah. This is not
okay at all.
4. Disturbing the Saff (row) and
forcing yourself into it when people have already occupied it
If someone comes a bit late for Salaatul
Jumuah, he should find a space in a
Saff that is vacant. He should not force
himself into a Saff where there is no
space, just like a person forcing himself into a room where there is no
space to swing a cat.
5. Engaging oneself with someone’s
mobile phone while the Khutbah is
going on
The advent of the cell phone has taken away the life of many people. They can
hardly stay away or switch off their
handsets for a few minutes. They feel
as if they will lose their soul if their
mobile phone is not with them for at
least five minutes. It should be known that the best thing
to do when a person comes for
Salaatul Jumuah is to switch off his
handset or leave it at home or in the
6. Intentionally going late for Salaatul Jumuah
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
is a popular saying. The more a person
becomes accustomed to a habit, the
more someone derives joy in such
habit. A Muslim, who believes his business is close to Masjid, and will
only enter the Masjid for Jumuah when
the Jumuah prayer is about to be said
should do away with this habit.
Whether a person’s place is a stone’s
throw to the Masjid or not, it is advisable to be in the Masjid right
before the Imaam commences the
7. Deliberately skipping Salaatul
Some conditions could make saying Jumuah impossible sickness or being
in a situation beyond someone’s
control, which does not happen every
Friday. Therefore, a male Muslim
especially should never fail to attend
Salaatul Jumuah. 8. Playing games like Ludo or any
other one while other Muslims are
going for Salaatul Jumuah
Allah specifically mentioned in
Suuratul Jumuah that the believers
should hasten to the Masjid when the call for Jumuah is made. However, it is
pathetic to see some Muslims waste
the valuable time which should be
used for Salaatul Jumuah on frivolities.
9. Staying outside the Masjid for no
reasons while Khutbah is going on While the Khutbah is going on, some
Muslims are seen outside the Masjid,
doing what is against the etiquette of
Jumuah, like talking for several
minutes or even up to an hour.
10. Using Ramadan fast as an excuse of skipping Salaatul Jumuah
Although, the effect of fasting
Ramadan could drain someone’s
energy, but this should not be used as
an excuse not to say Salaatul Jumuah
in the month of Ramadan. YFT stands for Your Friday Tonic