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Topic: Seven Spots Satan Easily Entrap
Christian Youths.
The words kept echoing and re-
echoing in my ears as I decided to put
up this thread: "How art the mighty
fallen." Wow! I've met a few who told me, "I
still have time to return back to God.
For now, lemmie enjoy my life." While
listening to them in awe, the other guy
says, "You are taking this Christian
thing too far. It's not that serious." Hah! Mo gbe!
I shrug my shoulder in confidence
knowing whom I've totally believed
in. Today, most of them are lost in
addiction and sin and are drowning.
They try to still attend church and hide in a Service Unit but can a broken cistern hold water? Thus saith the Lord, "Return oh youth
from where thou has fallen. Sin and
Holiness are two parallel lines that can
never meet. Compromising to sin and
asking for mercy would only succeed
in stagnating your spiritual growing and make you inefficient for God to
Lemmie go headlong: "7 Spots Satan
Easily Entrap Believing Brothers/
Sisters. 1. Lust of the Eyes. Call it "Sin of the flesh" or whatever, it's
a sin and drives the Holy Spirit very far
from you. Is it possible to stop this?
Yes. Be separated unto God. Until then,
God can't really have His way in
delivering you from this destructive habit. I'm not against you shining your
eyes for a "good body" but be careful.
There is more that meet the eyes. 2. Dirty Talking If you are or aim to go higher in your
walk with God, you'll cut yourself from
those who make you engage in this.
You can't claim to be a friend of the
Holy God and still be a friend to the
world. That's not possible. I hear you, "My friends talk dirty but I don't join
them." Keep deceiving yourself! 3. Pornography/Masturbation Not every one understands that "self
servicing" means just same. It's a fact
that this is a household habit among
youths, even believers. You come in
here and read, "Vaseline crew"/
"cucumbate" and you think it's normal! This is one of the strongest
cord the devil has reserved for young
folks. But you can be free. Every
sickness has a remedy. Be born again,
be on fire for God, separate yourself
from those friends/materials, do the work of and evangelist. Desire more of
God and you'll eventually lose taste for
it. 4. Worldly Comparison I doubt we still know we are pilgrims
on earth. You are in the world but NOT
OF the world. Look good but don't
adopt the world's system of "looking
good", if you know what I mean. 5. Bad Friends Most young folks are into substance
abuse and all because of friends. Bad
friends are like Satan's incarnates
orchestrated to send you to hell fire on
a Range Rover. Keep away! 6. Premarital Sex/ Co-habitation I could see someone scrolling and
wishing this wasn't included but how?
Get into our campuses and see what's
happening! Sex is like giving out
sweets. Sin is now sold for cheap but
that doesn't change God's standard of holiness and eternity. ''The foundation
of the Lord stands sure." 7. Time Spent On Our Phones and TV
watching. As okay as it may be, these things
drain us spiritually. I believe they are
little foxes that eats up the vine. Some
things are not evil in themselves but
they can bring evil. If you truly have
the Holy Spirit, you'll know when you're wearing out as a result of these
things. I believe they are what the
Bible called "Weights". They hinder us
from giving our best to God. They pull
us back spiritually.
I don't know whom this message is for but I didn't do it out of
presumption but as led. I pray that
you become a useful tool in God's
hands and not be flabby, baby
Christian who is always sinning and
asking for mercy. May you scale new heights spiritually. May you know the
power of His resurrection. May you
exercise authority over demon spirits
and powers in the heavenlies because
you know your authority as a believer.
That's my prayer for everyone reading this. May you not be comfortable with
just being a church worker in in your
local assembly.