Jibrin On N40bn Budget Allegation: "I’m Ready To Provide Evidence Against Dogara"


Abdulmunin Jibrin, former
chairman of house committee on
appropriations, says he is ready
to substantiate his allegations
against Yakubu Dogara, speaker
of the federal house of representatives, and three other
leaders of the house.
Following his removal as
chairman of appropriations
committee, Jibrin had accused
Dogara; Yusuf Lasun, deputy speaker; Alhassan Ado Doguwa,
house whip; and Leo Ogor,
house minority leader, of
padding the 2016 budget with
N40 billion.
In a statement released through his lawyers on Friday, Jibrin
urged the lower chamber to
institute a special investigation
so that he would have the
opportunity to “testify and
provide evidence against them”. “The above quartet have
resorted to blackmail our client
into silence and to further harass
his person and family using the
instrument of the obstructive
coercion and perversion of due process by deploying, albeit
illegally some elements of the
Nigeria Police,” read the
“You will recall that our client is
in dispute with the said quartet over his refusal and inability to
admit into the National Budget of
2016, the sum of about 30
Billion Naira at the behest of
these quartet and also his refusal
to cover up the decision of Speaker Dogara and others’
unilateral decision to distribute
to themselves 40 Billion Naira
out of the 100 Billion Naira
allocated to the entire National
Assembly in addition to what our client considers as wasteful
projects of over 20 Billion Naira
to their (quartet) various
“We now have it on good
authority that these quartet acting in concert are at the
moment using some elements
within the police to monitor,
harass, intimidate and hound
our client into an unwarranted
detention with the purpose of inhibiting his right to move freely
and to express himself as
contained in Chapter 4 of the
1999 Constitution of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria (as
amended). “The purpose of their antics is to
upturn the narrative and paint
our client as the black sheep in
the flock, and cleverly
presenting themselves as
transparent angels. “Accordingly, we have made
appropriate representations to
the Inspector General of Police
and other relevant security
agencies in the Country drawing
their attention to this unwarranted and ill-intentioned
steps taken by these quartet and
not to allow themselves (security
agencies) to be used to execute
the personal objectives of these
quartet; more so appropriate legal action has been taken by
our client, as a law abiding
citizen, to protect his
fundamental rights as
guaranteed by our laws.
“Finally, we hasten to advise Speaker Dogara and the 3 other
principal officers mentioned here
not to descend to the narrow
aim of dragging the institution of
the House of Representatives
into their personal fight and to note that by virtue of the
institution he leads and as a
lawyer, he should act within the
confines of the Rule of Law and
allow the House of
Representatives to institute a special investigation into this
matter where our client will have
the opportunity earlier denied
him by the quartet to testify and
provide evidence against them
because he who comes to equity must come with clean hands.”