"I Don't Believe In Hell Fire" - Sinkills

There are people who seriously doubt
the existence of hell fire - a place
where unrepentant sinners are
punished forever. Some agree that
since the Holy Scriptures affirm its
existence including Christ Himself (Psalms 9:17; Matthew 25:41,46; Luke
12:4,5; 16:22-31) then hell fire must
be real. There are others who think
that God is too merciful to cast the
people He created into hell fire for all
eternity. Well, you are entitled to your thoughts. However, my take is that
one should be on the safer side. If you
live your life with the belief that there
is hell fire and you die only to discover
that there is nothing like that, you
don't have anything to lose, do you? On the other hand, if you believe there
is no hell fire which affects tour
attitude, lifestyle and choices and then
you die only to be confronted with the
reality of its existence, what will you