The Academic Staff Union of
Universities Adekunle Ajasin Chapter
executives met with the members of
the administration of AAUA at the
Liaison office in Akure on Monday
25th July and yesterday Tuesday 26th July ASUU-AAUA Congress met
to receive an update on the on going
strike. Below is the resolution made at the
Congress : Resolutions of the Congress Meeting
of the Academic Staff Union of
Universities (ASUU), Adekunle Ajasin
University, Akungba Akoko, Chapter,
Held on Tuesday, 26 July, 2016 ASUU-AAUA Congress met on
Tuesday 26th July, 2016, to receive
an update on the strike, particularly
the report of the meeting with the
Administration of Adekunle Ajasin
University, Akungba-Akoko, held on Monday 25th July, 2016, at the
Liaison Office, Akure. The meeting
had detailed discussions, with some
of these highlights from the
presentations of members of
Administration: 1. That the present financial crisis
faced by the university is a national
challenge that would last for a very
long time.
2. That the Administration was
committed to salary payment until it ran out of the resources to pay
salaries and deductions, coupled
with subventions not coming from
the state government.
3. That more committed efforts are
being made to improve the IGR of the University.
4. That a protracted strike would
make people to lose confidence in
the University.
5. That Part-Time students are not
willing to pay their school fees because of the strike.
6. That the Administration is even
finding it difficult to finance its
7. That Exco should go and persuade
members to return to work. 8. That subsequently salary
outstanding will not be more than
one month.
9. A passionate plea to ASUU-AAUA
to return to work as we await
improvement in the finances of the University and requested that ASUU-
AAUA members should show
understanding and make more
sacrifices. Following the above, Administration
offered to pay Net salary for May,
2016, this week and cooperative
deduction for December, 2015, and
all outstanding check offs for the
Union if its finances could support the latter. Equally that the salary for
June would be paid before the end
of August, 2016. But that
Administration may find it frustrating
to continue to pay salary if ASUU
members failed to resume. Responding, the Exco reminded
1. That what the Union is asking for is
the payment of our salary, and not
salary increments.
2. That non payments of salary and deductions are criminal and should
equally be seen as such.
3. That members have made enough
sacrifices by way of the inflation that
has reduced the value of what they
earn as salaries. 4. That what Administration offered
as stated above is a remarkable
departure from the mandate given
by the Congress.
5. Exco then insisted on the mandate
given to it, but nonetheless promised to report back to its Principal, the
Congress. After the receipt of the report, and
exhaustive discussions of same,
Congress rejected the proposal of
Administration to pay Net May salary,
and pay June salary before the end
of August, 2016. Congress further resolved that the resolutions of the
Congress meeting of MONDAY 4th
July, 2016, to demand the payment
of all outstanding salaries of three
months and deductions of seven
months, that have now increased to eight months, stands.
Congress members were also
reminded of the decision that was
taken in relation to subsequent
outstanding salaries. ARISING FROM THE ABOVE,
SERVICES BY MEMBERS STILL STANDS. Members were equally encouraged
to be on the alert to respond to any
threat to our collective resolve, by
way of enforcement and picketing,
even as appeals were also made
about the need for members to avoid anything that could truncate the
enormous supports the branch is
receiving on the ongoing action from
the leaderships of the Union, both at
the zonal and national levels.
Solidarity forever! United we bargain; divided we beg!
Aluta continua!
Dr. Sola Fayose
For and on behalf of ASUU.