Poem; King Bea (@Sheis_kingbea) - The Moment I Pick The Pen

When I reach the skies
And I know I'm out of reach
When I reach the clouds
And everything around feels divine
When I feel way up
And I know no one can hold me down
When I feel I'm free
No one can see me, no one can chain me
When I am really me
No one to tell me what I am, what I'm not
When I feel like the King that I am
When I feel like I'm ruling in paradise
When everything feels like magic
And I can say what I really feel
When my keyboard tone sounds like orchestral
And the crickets as the angels
When the sight of the moon is like the rainbow
And my flower vase as a deep forest
When the smell of my feet is like the sweet-smelling-savor
And my dirty hair as petrol *
The taste of my spit like "Luohan guo" *
And taste of water as from the Well of Salvation
The feel of my pillow is like the Max Pro Massager Shiatsu Massager
And feel of the bed like the "Bed of Roses"
That's the moment I pick the pen.