Nigerian Music Videos With Highest Views On Youtube

This is a list of the top twenty most viewed Nigerian music videos on YouTube.

Everyone has watched these videos over and over but which of them had the highest viewer-ship? P-Square rule this list as they have 5 out of 20 songs listed.

20. Starting the list is our six-pack boss Flavour with his lovely single, Ada Ada. I am sure couples are the reason this song is in this list. After all 13 million no be beans.

19. Flavour again! However, this time it’s with the controversial remix to the love song Oyi where that “kiss” happened. In my opinion, that kiss gave the video its 14 million views.

18. Not Flavour, but our nicely built Iyanya with his successful comeback song “Kukere”. The etighi dance in this song is one of the reasons why the birth rate was high in 2012. You think I am lying? Get 14 million views and see the results.

17. I don’t know what the chorus means (our Ibo brothers should translate), but I know that this song is a hit. I mean, back to back.

The new additions to Mavins and their boss himself, Don Jazzy featured in this hit track. Personally, I think Don Jazzy’s voice is the reason the chorus was a delight. Oh! I am talking of Adaobi with 14 million views.

16. Nek Unek by MC Galaxy. This song about Godswill Akpabio giving our money to Davido is so groovy that most people forget themselves and dance.

Me too! Whether it is “Shizzy Ufot” or something else, I do not know, but I know I must dance. With 15 million views, this song is bam.

15. Park! Baby, pull over! This is one of KCee’s best songs. However, the credit should go to Wizkid, as his chorus was too nice and catchy. They had a remix with Don Jazzy, but there was no video for it. That one sef make sense. Pullover has over 15 million views.

14. Mavins again! These guys are everywhere. They even managed to introduce a new word to our dictionary with this song. Oya, I spoilt the surprise, it is Dorobucci.

Shot by Nic Roux in South Africa, this song introduced your girlfriend to Korede’s wink. Yea, that wink was legen- wait for it- dary. Your girlfriend had a hand in the song’s 16 million views. Sadly, mine too.

13. Omo Baba Olowo’s first entry with his groovy tune, “Skelewu”. This song had, wait for it, 3 videos! Davido finally settled for the one about disease.

Sounds weird? That did not stop us from watching it over and over, and dancing too! Skelewu has almost 17 million views on YouTube!

12. This song was too nice. Apparently, Bracket were trying to do their Geography assignment. So they decided to memorize names of countries and BAM! Mama Africa was birthed.

Nice traditional tune and a lot of words I did not recognize. Well, their fellow Geography enthusiasts gave them the 17 million views. I hope you passed, Bracket.

11. This video is an old time favorite. Your pastor was still in the world when it came out. Yep, I am talking about Do Me by our favourite duo, P Square.

No offence Bracket, you saw this coming. “Do Me” was everyone’s favourite too as it has over 17 million views on YouTube.

10. The Nigerian good boy song. One fine girl was “touching “ J Martins and the guy didn’t like it so he did what every responsible child will do.

He called his friend and entered a studio. The song was an instant hit with every guy pretending that they weren’t the ones “touching body”. Any way, the video has been watched 17 million times.

9. Our very own P Square have their first feature on the list with Alingo. I never knew they could bark until I heard the song. To be frank, they are perfect “barkers”.

This video was however famous because of the new “azontolized” dance they tried to introduce. Let’s face it; these guys always have high views. The video has more than 17 million views right now.

8. This song is about our dearly beloved ladies who provide comfort in the night. Flavour (Yay!) sings about his encounter with a lot of them. Even though we all claim not to like Ashawos, we still helped Flavour get 19 million views. Good job guys!

8. This video was criticized for borrowing heavily from the “Do me” concept. However, that did not stop us from loving it, for a short while though. The video was really nice and, as usual, was shot in South Africa.

7. P square again! This time it was a “collabo” (all pun intended) with Don Jazzy to give us the catchy song Collabo. The funny video was, as usual, shot in South Africa with, as usual, Jude Engees behind the camera.

We all liked that lady in the video, yimu, keep denying! Who did not love Don Jazzy’s part? What is “Orlando”? The video has more than 20 million views.

6.P Square! Let me just continue from number 7. This time it’s with that dancing song. Seriously, the song dances too.

Shekini was well received as those DJs kept giving it to us, we sef want am too. Although, they showed their Christian side by speaking in tongues but who cares? We dancing y’all! Over 28 million views!

5. This song is everything a Nigerian guy wants and everything a typical Nigerian lady does not like. You already know it Aye by Davido. Voted Number 81 in the world, I wonder what country that girl came from.

Definitely not Nigeria! Even boys like Ferrari. Even though girls did not like the message, it did not deter us from watching it 29 million times.

4. Finally a lady! Yemi Alade with her own Gulder Ultimate Search for her boo, who was with his boo. Men sha.

The video was hilarious, thanks to reporter Bovi from “We Don Catch Am”! Thank God, the show doesn’t exist. E for red. The video has been watched 37 million times.

3. Number 4 video is from our very own Bangalee. I mean Eja Nla. That guy with a short thing na. Even though we no longer enjoy his songs like before, everyone agrees that Oliver Twist was a hit, back to whenever… Who did not like Genevieve or Omotola? And those “lifiti lafata” too. Mehn, this video merited its 39 million views.

2.Our number two video was so successful that Timaya kept singing about bum bum for a long time. Mehn, was that video “something else”? I thought I was watching “something else”.

At first, I was interested in the song, then I started noticing…… You all know why you kept watching it till it got 39 million views. Good boys and lesbobos. But all those bumbums everywhere? Gosh!

1.Another P Square video that was shot in South Africa by Jude Engees? You garrit! However, this video was so nice and the concept was well received. See how they pulled those dance moves off.

It was wonderful. I wasn’t the only one who thought like that. This video has a wonderful (compared to other Nigerian videos) 59 million views. Only P Square can do that!

Do you agree with this list?