Checkout These Hilarious Valentine Breakup Excuses Some Nigerians Would Put Up

I trust Naija boys, They know how to get themselves out of any Money Spending events like Valentine.
Valentine is here, so on the 13th many guys will start looking for excuse for a breakup, excuses like:-
1. Hey why will you call me by 8:00am, ITS OVER
2. Why will you wear yellow shirt, I told you am allergic to yellow color, ITS OVER
3. Why will you close the door, ITS OVER
4. I said fry two eggs you fry one, ITS OVER
5. I told you to wash the clothes with Ariel you go use Omo, ITS OVER
6. Why will you be using Airtel when am Using Etisalat? ITS OVER
7. Is this the noodles I told you to buy? ITS OVER
8. Why will you call me with etisalat number, after I told you how they collected my airtime ITS OVER
9. Jeez, you are still using king James bible? ITS OVER
10. Why are you still using Facebook? ITS OVER
11. Why are you addicted to Social media? IT’S OVER
12. I told you not to Vote for Buhari during that Election period, Yet you went ahead abi? ITS OVER.
13. Boy:- Babe take this two eggs, Fry one and cook one.
Girl:- Boo am through
Boy:- Hey this is not the one I asked you to fry. You fried the one I asked you to cook and then you cooked the one I asked you to Fry, ITS OVER
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Lets Go!!!