New Music; Ore Oluwa -Wa kajo yin oluwa

She has being singing from seven years, she started professionally in 1997. Her Inspiration come from GOD because anytime I'm in the mood of worship,songs comes and sometimes in my dreams. I have worked under so many churches as their choir director and author... I.e Winners voices Offa, winner voices Lagos, mercy seat international church, C A C Ipaja and so many other. Presently I'm with RCCG LP 33 THE GRACE HOUSE and GOD has been there for me.

The Gospel  is to win soul for christ and for this single WA KAJO YIN... Praise him with everything within us because the Bible says we are created to show forth his praise. When we engage in praise we are simply provoking divine intervention to fullfill His Prophetic word, both in our midst as individuals Exodus 11 see 2chron 20 vs 14-24 and Jh 11 vs 40-44 Shallom
She is indeed ready to take the gospel and the word of God to the next level.