Is Reminisce Fading Out Gradually? See This

Is Reminisce Fading Out Gradually?

Alaga Ibile popularly Known as Reminisce who is a house hold name and musical icon amongst Nigerian youth today and also recognized internationally known for his versatility in both singing and rapping and has been on the trend. Reminisce also is known to be a brand amba$$ador to Samsung and Orijin.

Sigh enough of the history. lol, Down to Business

Ever since the release of Baba Hafusa earlier April this 2015 which is said to be his 3rd studio album and was released immediately after the unexpected success of his Tesojue single, Reminisce has stepped up a level, and had few remarkable singles like ‘Local Rappers’ and ‘Skilashi’.

Baba Hafusa seemed to be on a chill after the release of his album but resurfaced 2 weeks ago and this week with 2 different singles ‘Kpomo‘ and ‘Gboriduro‘ which I must say was not quite impressive or on the trends like a normal ‘Reminisce’ song.

After I listened I had to stay back and think about the numerous hits Reminisce has done in the part and his singles released after his album release. I think Reminisce has not had any hit since then and I wonder what is going on with the artiste.

Is Reminisce Fading Out Gradually? Or should we give him time to go back to his drawing board and give us another hit?

Lets Hear You Thoughts.