“Instagram Lies Too Much” – Chef Fregz Shares His Thoughts On Keeping Up With Social Media -

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Over the past couple of years, social media has evolved greatly. And although there are numerous advantages of this evolution, there are also disadvantages.
GbubemiChef Fregz’ Fregene shares his thoughts on how social media – especially Instagram – has added more ‘fakeness’ to people.
He posted his thoughts on Instagram:-
Last night a friend and I got into a conversation about “fakeness” of people in Lagos.
My response was simple: We are part of the problem.
Instagram lies too much.
Instagram Amplifies Way too much and shows people envy and the unecessary race to belong and be extremely cool.
It’s tough for a lot if us to be comfortable in our skin,level of income and status in life. But abeg who doesn’t want to arrive? It’s tough for us to know who is for real these days and the strugglers. But your father doesn’t have old one why are you now hustling to travel all around the world with the old money kids?
Why are we buying asoebi for someone that’s not even your besto? but you gast hashtag the wedding name and maybe TojuFoyeh or one of the happening designers so that they can know you’ve arrived. Or as a guy you’ve bought Gucci slippers and popped all the bottles in the club whereas no fuel in your generator and your house is like forever on going construction.
Truth be told we never really grow out of peer pressure. I know it’s tough to aspire to want the best things in life. But it’s actually okay to admit to your self that you can’t afford it or be on that level.
Let everyone be cool and you be cool in your own lane.
The fact that you have 10k dollars in your account doesn’t mean you must pepper us with Fendi and Freens. Why can’t you invest and and build something!? Me for one I fell victim to this “Let them know I have arrived” last year but I paid dearly for it. I learnt to build rather to microwave some facade of “we are perfect!” Ideally what I’m wearing today should be 20k fabric. Okunoren twins custom sewn…and Gucci slippers for 500£ hian! Have I bought mixer and industrial oven? But ello Bae! I’m keeping it real with my @magnumstitches Da Viva up and down. And @overalls_bespoke slippers.
Don’t get it twisted this time next year by his grace I would be rocking Okunoren twins and perhaps buy Gucci handkerchief for startrers.
Just thought to keep it real and hopefully someone can learn from this.
Don’t let the gram dictate your life.