MTN allows subscriber to use 1.5gb at any time, but restrict the remaining 3gb to night.  To me, I see the N2,500 night plan as “Deprivation of rights”. LOL.  I don’t seem to understand why they can’t allow us to use it at any time.  Normally, N2,500 is not bad for 4.5gb considering the price being paid for data in other countries.
I purchased the plan a few days ago, so after consuming the extra 1.5gb. I still used the remaining 3gb to browse on my laptop using some tweaks.  The tweaks are not technical and illegal anyway.
You can use ‎ MTN Night Plan during the day by following the two methods explained below. (Tested by me) 

 [Method 1]

This ‘method 1’ is quite simple and doesn’t involve any technical thingy, but terms and conditions must be strictly adhered to.

After consuming the day plan, to use the night plan during the day, you have to connect to your modem (or turn on ur mobile data)  before 6:00am.

Now Here is the DON'T! ------> Once you disconnect your modem, (or turn off ur data) you won’t be able to browse again until 9:00pm.

The logic is simply to get a phone that has good battery and then make sure the phone data isn’t off.

[Method 2]

‘Method 2’ isn’t difficult too, but you gats download a software (for ur pc) to be able to browse at any time of the day.  You don’t have to connect still.  You can disconnect and connect at any time of the day with the help of the software.
The software you need for this is Simple Server.  
Download the software first from Here.

After downloading, extract the folder on your desktop and connect your modem as usual.

Now that you are connected to the internet with your MTN night plan, open the Simple Server folder and launch SimpleServer.exe.

Finally, you need to make some changes on your browser(s) and any other application you want to use.  Simply change to IP: port: 8080.  For instance if you are using Mozilla, Click on Tools >> Options >> Advance >> Network >> Settings then tick manual configuration to enter the IP and Port.  

And that's all!‎

Share your experience with any the methods above in the comments section. ‎