Official Press Release : Futa Spartacus Comedy Show

Hello bae!
What’s long, hard and has cum in it…? I know you’re wondering…
Anyways it’s happening live at CCE Hilltop auditorium on the 31st of July…yes!
From The Stables Of the FUTASUG We present to you The Spartacus Comedy Show
Featuring Falz the Bad Guy,
Mc Rappindady and a whole lot of rib crackers!
Dance performances and many more…
You don’t wanna miss this for anything…
For more enquiries contact- 08165289978
Not to forget…Bae! The answer to my question is cucumber!
This is nothing like a joking stuffs!
You don’t know noi’n and I’m gonna tell you som’n
Director of Socials Futasu