A Good Reason To Leave Islam

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Introductory  Remarks

The history of Religion is probably parallel to the history of man; they came to existence together and may disappear together. As humans became more sophisticated, they became more aware of their lack of understanding of life and death. That lack of understanding provided fertile grounds that nurtured gossips and theories of all kinds. With continued human development, people thought of those questions concerning life and death and probably each person formulated his/her own theories and interpretations. Most people were honest enough to keep their own ideas to themselves without forcing it on others because they knew they made it up. Others were not that honest and proposed their own imagination as true answers for those questions surrounding life and the after life. That was the origin of religion and those dishonest people became the guardians of religions; clergymen, priests, ministers, sheikhs..etc, you name it.

The above is my own imagination about the rise of religion, which I do not want to force on anyone. It is simplified and unlikely to be completely accurate, but it does indicate that religion was the product of two things that came together: ignorance and dishonesty. Religion was a product invented by the dishonest and sold to the ignorant.

There is nothing wrong in having no answers, but it is unacceptable to fake answers when there aren’t any.

On God and Allah – the Islamic god

I do not intend to delve into the question of god’s existence because the issue doesn’t bother me anymore. Nobody can be confident enough, or certain enough, to completely rule out the possibility of God’s existence. However, it is easy to rule out that God, if existed, needs to send prophets, write books or create confusing religions as Allah, the Islamic god, did.

‘Does it matter to Allah that humans follow a religion?’ The Islamic answer is “definitely Yes, they must follow Islam” which leads to the question: ‘If so, why didn’t he create them to automatically follow Islam, by making a few changes to their DNA?‘ From the Islamic point of view there is no point in creating all humans to be good and sin free, like prophets, because that will eliminate the need for Hell, the thrill of torture and the fun of the judgment day.

It would be more fun to make it like school education, where only those who work hard pass the test. In fact it is meant to be precisely like that, like school education, as the Quran states in numerous occasions (the emphasis is mine):

Q.3:142: “Do you think that you will enter the garden while Allah ( the all knowing!) has not yet known those who strive hard from among you, and known the patient”.

Q.34: 21:”…. that We (the all knowing!) may distinguish him who believes in the hereafter from him who is in doubt concerning it; …”

Q.47: 31: And most certainly We (the all knowing!) will try you until We have known those among you who exert themselves hard, and the patient, and made your case manifest.

The above is the kind of information we are supposed to learn from the Quran: Allah, the all-knowing, doesn’t know! This is why it is recommended that you completely shut down your intelligence once you start reading the Quran, otherwise you cannot taste its perfection.

Islamic divine logic

According to the Islamic logic: rather than creating good and sin free people, it is more fun to create a religion and then reward those who follow it and torture those who do not. For additional excitement, it is better to make it a confusing religion based on a confusing book that only the Arabs can read. This is just like making the exam questions tough and confusing (otherwise everybody can pass!).The climax of this fun was when Allah appointed Mohammed (believed to be illiterate) to be in charge of it all!!

The above imagination fits only a god with seventh century knowledge and culture and who was raised in Arabia.

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