2GO ::....the Mission Continues.. More 2GO Stars Added

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It is not a new thing to everyone on this thread except those breaking the rules of this site ((I mean the under 18's who are just coming to join the internet users)) that 2go has once become the TOP and Best chatting APP online before the existence of Whatsapp and others..

Then, BBM was not much relevant cause average Nigeria can't purchase a blackberry device. So the TOP and Common mobile phones then was NOKIA e.g ExpressMusic ,, Nokia 2700 ,, Nokia 2330 e.t.c ....

The most interesting things then was the 2go start.... You will stay online 24/7 just for your friends not to lead your star... The funny thin about this star is that of "PROFFESSIONAL". Wao!! This is the hell, you will waste about 1-2months off your years on this bleeping star... Those Star Progressers will know what am talking about grin grin grin

After some years, 2go turn to a boring chatting APP when almost all 2go users reaches Ultimate cause they new that there is not chasing them and they are chasing nothing again.....

Now 2go has release 2GO version 6..0...1 in which you can view your Master and Ultimate Star Progress....

List of Stars After ULTIMATE:::





-Black Diamond


Friends will you start contesting again or you have back-off

Let the fun begins