This is great task that individual have to sit down, soliloquize, think and rethink, digest and come to a conclusion on who to give this task to drag out the name of Akoko south East/ West ,if not the whole Akoko land out of mud and make it equivalent or far better compare to others .

Its not a gain saying that we have potentials that needs to be unravel not that we don't have at least one or two people there to take up the burden but due to the fact that they are incapacitated due to all these weaknesses and shortcoming we need a vibrant and courageous leader. Even the bible confirm it, due to weakness and imperfections in the old law there is provision for new one.

I have come to a good resolution; we need someone that has the privilege of looking at issues, that concern our land and the interest of Akoko South East/ West, someone that Akoko land is his major concern and interest. One who had hopes and aspiration which have not been fully achieved whereby the only way to achieve this is to continue to contribute to the attempt to make Akoko South East/West flow with milk and honey and to be a place that is united, a place that is workable for all Akoko citizen and if not the whole Nigeria irrespective of religion or status in the society, is through a political van where the real change can be effect.

The big horn who is ready and wiling to contribute effectively to his dream about Akoko land, his hopes and aspirations for a better, prosperous, Akoko South East/West flowing for milk and honey, united, a land where everybody can find solace irrespective of your personality. The God sent who is ready to effect development in the land, creating job opportunities for younger ones and making our home a place of hope and respect.

Finally in dealing with this leadership crisis, we need a bridge builder who can bridge the lacunas. We need a visionary leader that is really capable of admitting the mistakes of the past and be determined to really look for solution. Whose political van are we following and who are we to send no any other person than Hon. Martins Olu-Abiloye, a man with hope and aspiration for our land and Nigeria in general. Powered by THE YOUTH FOR REAL CHANGE.