Video: McClure Twins Family - "WE GOT A GOOD DEAL ON A BABY!!"

Guys, days are counting down to have baby boy. Ami is scheduled for a c-section soon, but we are hoping to have the baby naturally. We did get some great news! When we called the insurance, we found out that we are getting a good deal on the baby! lol

It's typically very expensive to have a baby, but good insurance helps! Hopefully Ami doesn't have a cesarean section (she doesnt' want to), but she is very ready for him to arrive!

The girls encourage Mama that things are going to be ok..."you'll have the baby soon Mama". We are ready, moved into the new house, and his room is prepared. Pregnancy is a long journey, its something we will always remember and cherish, but we are ready for the pregnancy to be over!

Dad has a very funny call with the insurance company, it's all about adding some humor to every situation.