Funny Pictures You Can Relate To If Your Wife Is A Fan Of Indian Movies.

When it's time for Krishi, Your wife be like

You want to watch football but the remote control is in your wife's custody and she insist she must watch her own

You wanted to complain as usual but you remember that your wife is stubborn, you be like

Your wife's face when you manage to talk

After your usual complaints your wife be like is that all you want to say?

Suddenly Nepa take light, You to your wife NTOOR
You go to your room and your wife come to beg you to switch on the generator, You be like: 

Then they suddenly bring back the light, your wife be like:\

You insist she serve you dinner, She be like wait first, stop talking you are distracting me 
When you come back she's still there, You are like: 

And suddenly she sees a woman trying to snatch another woman's husband,  Oleeeee husband snatcher go and look for your own. Ashawo. 

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