"See What A Teacher Did To This Pupil" - Facebook User (Photos)

The government has been called upon
to as a matter of urgency look into a
dehumanizing case of child brutality.
This call came from one Mr. Femi
Micheal Ojo who posted the following
photos on his Facebook page with a call for the a search for the teacher
involve to be brought to justice.
According to Mr. Ojo;
"What is wrong with our
Education system this days.
How can a teacher beat a child
like this. What sort of system
of education do we have?
Innocent soul like this and worst of it is in Niger state the
boy might drop out of School
for ever because of this
singular act of brutality. Keep
sharing till Minister of
Education sees it. We want to know more if anyone is near
the boy. I will take a lawyer
and pay for this case. Help us
investigate as we are doing
too to get to the root of this
sad story simple as that"