Updates on Futa 2016/2017 Screening exercise


When you get to north gate,you will be directed to the demonstration center (hilltop) where you will be told what to do and also you can go in with your handsets(No exam will be conducted)

2)You will then be asked to render your Documents(original),go in with photocopied ones and you will also be asked your full name.

3)you will be asked what you wish to study(it must be the same with what is on the slip),Score in each subjects .

4)You will then be directed to Drc(Digital resource Center) ,where your Documents will be filled in.
Wishing you all success in ur screening .

For more information on accomodation,assistance, scratch card you can call 08167007364 .

Batch1,2,3,4,5 have all entered.

Signed:::Futaextra.com TEAM

Note::The batches has been rescheduled, so come as early as possible.