"Corruption Now Official In Nigeria" – Pastor Tunde Bakare

Founder of the Latter Rain
Assembly, Tunde Bakare has
affirmed that government
officials in Nigeria have
succeeded in making corrupt
practices official in the country. Bakare, who made this
statement at the launch of
Onyekachi Ubani Foundation in
Lagos, weekend, noted that: “At
the twilight of the military era in
Nigeria’s political trajectory, the name “Nigeria” became
synonymous with a certain
word, a word that elicits the
image of a cesspool running
over corruption.
“At that time, precisely in 1999, Transparency International
rated Nigeria the second most
corrupt country in the world in
terms of perception, second only
to her eastern neighbour,
Cameroon. “For instance, given the
unbridled looting of the treasury
at the time, reportedly to the
tune of over 1billion dollars as
was subsequently uncovered
following the exit of the military, it was obvious that the abnormal
had become the norm, the illegal
had become legal, the
outrageous had become banal
and the aberrant had become
the gold standard. “Despite the emergence of a new
government on the heels of a
strong anti-corruption
campaign, despite the credence
lent to this anti-corruption
promise by the antecedents of President Muhammadu Buhari,
and despite global
acknowledgment that Nigeria
has taken shovel loads off the
peak of this mountain of filth,”
he added.