Militants Attacking Lagos And Ogun Are From Ondo & Not Bayelsa Or Delta – Gani Adams


In his reaction, Founder of
Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC,
Dr. Fedrick Fasheun said he
believes no militant will dare the
security of Lagos State.
He also said he believes that Lagos State is not sleeping or
napping over the security
situation in the state.
According to him: “We have
waited patiently to confirm the
suspicion, whether it is true that militants are building camps in
some parts of Lagos and other
South-West states. Whether it is
true or not, I believe not many
dare-devils will live to tell the
story if any attempt is made on Lagos”. We ‘ll make Yorubaland a no
go area for militants — Gani
Adams National Coordinator of the OPC,
Otunba Gani Adams, has
threatened to make Yorubaland
a no-go area for militants to
perpetuate their nefarious
activities. Adams, who confirmed the
setting up of camps by the
militants in the Lagos and Ogun
axis, said: “I agree with the
military that they have different
camps but thank God that the military has risen to the task.
Also, we as an organisation have
decided to complement their
“Definitely, the militants have
invaded the South West but those carrying out these acts are
not from Delta or Bayelsa states
but from Ondo State. It is a bad
signal, I won’t deceive you but I
can tell you that they have
missed the post. They cannot go scot free because what they are
doing in their states cannot be
replicated here in the South
West. They will retreat because
we will not encourage it.
There is no way they can hide in Yoruba land. We have to thank
the military for their aerial
bombardment because their
hideout is not one that can be
easily located. The military
bombardment has smoked them out” It shows incompetence,
inefficiency of our security
agencies – Adebanjo Chief Ayo Adebanjo said: “How
can they set up camps in Lagos
and Ogun states? We have no
relationship with militants. It
shows the inefficiency and
incompetence of our security agencies. Given what had been
happening in the country, our
security people should have
been alert to prevent such
camps from being set up.” It’s an attempt to pit Yoruba
against Ijaw — Odumakin
Mr Yinka Odumakin said: “The
setting up of camps in parts of
Lagos and Ogun states by the
militants is a strange dimension.
Up till now, we see them as criminal elements. We call on the
security agencies to deal with
them as such. The security
agencies should go after their
camps and deal with them. “It is an attempt to pit the
Yoruba against the Ijaw
because the Ijaw have no
cause to attack Yorubaland. We must avoid a situation where
ethnic groups will resort to
ethnic justice because any
attempt to seek ethnic justice
always leads to genocide. The
security agencies should go after the criminals and deal with