Iyanya Threatens OAP, Last Prophet, For Talking About Him Dumping Ubi Franklin


Ever since, Iyanya relieved his friend,
Ubi Franklin from his managerial
duties and signed onto The Temple
Company tongues have been
wagging with many aimed at the
Kurukere singer. While this remains a trending topic that
the TripleMG management has failed to
address, Iyanya on his own is taking
matters into is hands and throwing
shots at anyone who is using his latest
achievement as slander. The worst hit right now is probably HIT FM’s On Air
Personality, who got slammed on air
for talking about Iyanya split with his
former partner on his show.
The OAP who is known as Last
Prophet on Tuesday, August 2nd, talked about Iyanya splitting from his
former manager on his show which
didn’t seem to go well with the singer
who later made a call to him and
blasted him.
In Iyanya’s words, ‘I don’t depend on my strive (sic), but i
depend on God to take me further, this
is Iyanya speaking, brother let this be
the first and the last time that you will
make that kind of statement that you
made about me on your show. I have never had any issue with you, don’t
ever in your whole life mention my
issue with Ubi on your show. I’ve had
different people call me to make that
report, the next time you do I’ll show
you another side of me’. Reacting to the threat, Last Prophet
‘I was shocked at Iyanya’s phone call.
I’m a comedian and OAP, my show is a
comedy show in pidgin English. All I
did was make jokes from the situation, which is what anyone else would have
done. I only feel bad because I’m sure
he would not do that to any OAP in
Lagos; he did it to me because he feels
I’m in Calabar and he can just threaten
me like that.’ Ever since his removal as Iyanya's
manager, Ubi has refused to comment
on the singers stand in TripleMG.. Is he
still a member or has he fully left the
label.. The fans need to know..