FG To Build A 300mw Solar Plant In Enugu State


The federal government of
Nigeria has signed a
Memorandum of Understanding
(MoU) with Motir DuSable Power
Investment Limited; a US-based
renewable energy power firm to build a 300 MegaWatts solar
plant in Enugu State.
According to their website,
DuSable Capital is a US-based
firm with a focus on making
investments in renewable energy and infrastructure
projects. DuSable is a developer
of utility-scale solar plants in Asia
and Africa and has been
awarded over 1,500 Megawatts
of power in both continents since inception.
The company commenced plans
after getting an energy
generation license from the
Nigerian Energy Regulatory
Commission (NERC) for up to 300 MW. They have also
completed all of the required
technical research for the
potential site and is in the final
stages of negotiating a 20-year
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Nigerian
The first phase of the project,
estimated at about $200million
will inject 100mega watts of
power into the national power grid, which will subsequently be
increased to 200MW in the
second phase.
It is sited in Enugu State with the
goal of making the state the hub
for renewable energy generation in sub-Sahara Africa.
While providing much-needed
power, the project will create,
jobs, opportunities and open up
the state.
According to a press release on the DuSable website, When
completed in the next 12 to 18
months, the project will be part
of solar energy projects worth $
2.5 billion that will be
undertaken in Nigeria and is expected to add 975 megawatts
of electricity to the national grid.