Fayose Bows To Pastor Kumuyi, Says "I Will Soon Be At Peace" (Pic)


Kumuyi first paid a courtesy call
on the governor at the Ekiti state
government house, before
Fayose joined him at the
church’s camp ground at
Ajebandele in Ado-Ekiti. Describing Kumuyi as an
anointed man of God, Fayose
expressed happiness over the
pastor’s visit, saying he knows
yokes would be broken and he
would soon be at peace. “We are very happy to have you
in the state at this time… It is a
rare privilege for people like me
and for the state. We know what
God does through you and the
church. We know that now that you are here, the yoke on our
people would be broken and
when the state is at peace, the
governor too will be at peace,”
he said.
“Many times that I stand on God’s words, it is the church that
taught me. I gain all that from
the undiluted preaching of the
word of God from the church.
“Permit me to say that Pastor
Kumuyi’s coming brings much attraction, the attraction comes
because of what God has
deposited in him and the church.
Even coming to visit us as the
leader of the state is a rare
privilege. It is indeed a rare privilege for the state as well.”
Kumuyi commended the
governor for the “progress the
state has made” since he
assumed office. He advised
Fayose to lean on God’s words at all times.