10 Common Grammatical Blunders You Should Endeavour To Avoid.

As humans, we learn new things
everyday. Only a dead man that
doesn't learn and the foolish man
picks offence unnecessarily when he's
corrected! I'm not perfect and you,
yes, you over there, reading this, can't be too. We all learn but it's good you
share the knowledge you have
because there could be others out
there who might need whatever you
have to share. You can also learn from
what others have to share. Below are 10 common grammatical blunders we
make in Nigeria when speaking:
1) 'Who is that'? People often ask this
question when they hear a knock on
their door. The proper question to ask
should be: 'Who is it'? This is because you don't know who's at your door.
It's even preferable to ask: 'Who be
that'? At least, we know you are
speaking Pidgin English
2) Answering a question with just a
simple YES or NO only. This is very wrong. Example1: 'Do you work on
Sundays'? Instead of answering 'No',
you should say 'No, I don't'.
Example2: 'Do you know him'?
Instead of saying just 'Yes' if you
know who the first speaker is referring to, you should say 'Yes, I do'.
That makes it a complete answer.
3) Using the word 'offer' in school
subjects. Many teachers make this
terrible mistake!!! You would hear
statements like 'My students don't offer Literature' or 'If you know you
are not offering Government, leave the
class'. WRONG!!! Students don't OFFER
subjects; they TAKE subjects! To offer
means to give or present something to
someone. Does it mean you are presenting something to Literature or
Government? Naija teachers, una no
go kill person!
4) Using a plural verb for collective
pronouns: 'Everybody ARE coming'.
EVERYBODY is a collective pronoun. Collective pronouns (Collective nouns
inclusive), carry a singular verb which
is 'IS' and not 'ARE'. Many people also
make the mistake of adding 'S' to staff,
when addressing a collection of
workers in an organisation. Don't say 'All the staffs in this firm'. Instead, say
'All the staff in this firm'.
5) 'I want to buy COOK egg' (Lol, not
even cooked egg! ). It's a common
blunder when we go to the
neighbourhood shop. Bros, it's either you are buying a boiled egg or one
that is not cooked (raw) because even
the one that's fried is cooked!
6) 'The shoes do not size me'. Wrong!!!
'SIZE', in this context, is a noun! It
cannot function as a verb here. The correct way to say this is: 'The shoes
do not fit me' or 'The shoes are not my
size'. You can still say 'The shoes are
over-sized or under-sized'.
7) 'My stomach or my head is paining
me'. WRONG! It's not only a terrible mistake to make grammatically; it's
also a useless statement!!! Why add
ING to PAIN to create a verb that's not
only useless but non-existent? You
can say 'My stomach aches' or 'I feel
pain in my stomach'. The following are more of Oral English
(correct pronunciation; that's
speaking right).
Pronouncing FEBRUARY as 'FEBUARY'.
When you pronounce this word, the
'U' and 'A' are to be silent. Pronounce it as if you are saying 'FEBRY'.
9) When you pronounce WEDNESDAY,
the 'D' should be silent. It should come
10) When you pronounce POLICE, the
'O' should be silent. It should come as 'Plice'.