Military Kills 114 Militants In Ogun And Lagos Creeks


At least 114 militants are feared
killed and scores of others
injured in attacks on their camps
in Ogun and Lagos states.
The attacks by the Army, Air
Force and Navy, began on Thursday night under the
operation “Crocodile Laugh” in
readiness for a confrontation
with militants in the Niger Delta.
The Director of Defence
Information, Brig Gen Rabe Abubakar, confirmed the
He said it was conducted to flush
out militants and saboteurs from
the area.
The attacks reportedly sent the local residents scampering, but
they have been assured of safety
and advised against sheltering
any of the fleeing militants.
The creeks in Lagos and Ogun
states recently became a safe haven and operational hideout
for militants from Niger Delta.
Besides oil pipeline vandalism
and petroleum theft in Arepo in
Ogun State and parts of Lagos,
the militants have been attacking innocent residents and stealing
from them.
Military analysts say the
dislodgment of the militants was
carried out to drive them back to
the Niger Delta where a full scale attack was imminent.
Militants have in the last three
months inflicted massive
damage on the economy
through the destruction of gas and crude oil pipelines.
Lagos police spokesperson
Dolapo Badmos also confirmed
the operation in a statement
released early Friday.
“We are sweeping through the waterways where we share
boundaries with Niger Delta to
end the activities of the
militants,” she said.
Meanwhile, the Governor of
Bayelsa, Mr Seriaki Dickson, met with President Muhammadu
Buhari on Thursday to ask for
more time to initiate dialogue
with the rampaging militants.
The Niger Delta Avengers have
refused entreaties from government and have insisted
on autonomy for the region or
complete control of crude oil.
The Avengers, who emerged in
May 2016, did not give the new
government prior notice before embarking on massive
destructions of oil and gas
infrastructure. They have also
resorted to killing and
kidnapping of security