"Quit Acting The Victim" - 33-Year- Old Toyin Lawani Slammed By 23- Year-Old Baby Daddy

Lord Trigg, the 23-year-old ex
boyfriend of popular fashionista,
Toyin Lawani has hit back at her for
playing the victim to media.
Trigg took to his social media page
and called out Toyin, saying she has been the real villain in their love life,
stating that he will reveal the truth
soon for the world.
Trigg claims to be caring, loving guy
that has been simply misunderstood.
The long term romance between him and the 33-year-old boss of Tiannahs
Empire, which brought about the birth
of their cute son, Maine, finally crashed
after the couple dragged their woes
on social media, where Toyin warned
him to never insult the breast you once sucked...