Welcome To Akure City (pictures)

Akure is a city in south-western Nigeria, and is the largest city and capital of Ondo State. The city has a population of 484,798. The residents of the City are primarily of the Yoruba ethnic group. It lies in the southern part of the forested Yoruba Hills and at the intersection of roads from Ondo, Ilesha, Ado-Ekiti, Benin and Owo

Akure is an agricultural trade centre for the yams, cassava, corn (maize), bananas, rice, palm oil and kernels, okra, and pumpkins grown by the Ondo branch of the Yoruba people. Although cocoa is by far the most important local commercial crop, cotton, teak, and palm produce are also cultivated for export. The town’s industries include electronics manufacturing, soft drink, bottling among others. Akure is the site of a federal university of technology (founded in 1981), Federal College of Agriculture and School of Health Technology