R&B singer goes, Dare Art Alade (@darey) goes nude in new promo picture.

The award winning singer goes stark naked as he prepares to drop his new album. 

Darey poses nude  Darey in the nude (Instagram ) 
Award winning R&B singer Darey Art-Alade has posed nude in his latest promo picture.
Darey, who recently visited his childhood home and former schools, released the nude picture yesterday on his Instagram account.
In the caption he broke down the meaning of his nude picture.
"Being Naked isn't just about Nudity, it's also about being honest, being vulnerable, being real. Today, I’m asking you all to do something you’ve never done before. Tell someone something (like how much you appreciate them), apologize for something, share something you've been meaning to, launch a new idea you’ve been nursing, a new ambition, anything…and Tag me in it using #DareyNaked #Naked" wrote Darey.
Darey with students from his Alma mater CMS grammar school  Darey with students from his Alma mater CMS grammar school

The title of Darey's is getting ready to release his fourth studio album 'Naked'. It was initially scheduled for an August release.
Darey with family  Darey with family

He has already released two singles from the project; 'Asiko Laiye', and 'Pray For Me'.
Darey’s previous albums are ‘From Me To You’ (2006),‘unDAREYted’ (2009) and ‘Double Dare’ (2011).