Most guys are stupid... Very Stupid.

Most Guys are stupid, very stupid•
A pretty girl just opened her FIRST ever
facebook account, gets friendly with almost all
the friends that comes her way out of the few
hundreds of friends, let's say 300, her updates
and pictures have let's say 15likes at the
Now she's getting over a thousand, then two
thousand and higher, the request never stops
coming, her likes rapidly increases, let's say
200 at least, her ego increases too. She is
grown to look better, now wears better wears,
out of her thousands of friends, she picks a
wealthy boyfriend, he tushed her up, she is
now looking classy, at this point, her inbox is
flooded, with stupid BOYS who think they can
make friends with any girl on facebook just by
texting her from nowhere.
Now, you, as a guy, sees her, goes to her
timeline, see so many guys posting on her
timeline, foolish ones like you, THAT SHE
You still went to her inbox, JUST LIKE THAT,
and complimented her, yes, you used a line of
your own, you constructed it well, still, she
IGNORED, you text again, and again, and then
again, same fate, you were IGNORED.
You comment on her pictures, something very
sweet, 10 other guys commented on her
picture after you, she replied you and nine
others with a ''tnx'' and replied someone she
knows separately with ''Awwn James, thanks
hun " still didn't learn that you can't
mingle with her
As if that wasn't enough ridicule, you go to
her inbox again, complaining that she snubs,
she definitely saw the message, and messages
from 50 other guys in about 10mins after
yours, you still went to her timeline... And
post there, about how she ignores, why? Is
that gonna change anything, No, she
IGNORED, and at this point, you know you are
You should know that: when a girl has too
many admirers effortlessly, you should never:
1. Start your convo by complimenting her, she
has thousands of friends, you can only
imagine how many compliments she gets
daily, she would just see you as another
random admirer.
2. Post on her timeline when you're not
friends, close friends, she will ignore, she has
other things to attend to, your post on her
timeline isn't gold.
Guys, please, respect yourselves, don't force
any friendship, a trial is enough, if the first
trial fails, forget her, she is not the only girl in
the world, I know you want girls, what for?
I don't know, but you want them, just be
yourself, be original, be UNIQUE, outstanding,
they would come by themselves.
Or try meeting by coincidence, let something
or someone connect you both, it's even a
better way to create bonds.