I Will Bring Sahara Reporters Down - Barr Francis.

Hi Readers, my name is Francis, I am a Lawyer who graduated from University of Ilorin with a First Class in law, I proceeded to law school in Lagos and upon finishing I moved to the Harvard Law School in the US. I am presently in Australia where I work as an International political diplomat and international human right Lawyer.

My mind has been baffled for years with the emergence of Negative Journalism which has spearheaded the Nigerian Media championed by Sahara Reporters, I have Keenly observed the manner and approach of their broadcast and publications on YouTube and all their platforms and i think that is not Journalism, that is a campaign to Violence and war. The content and interpretation of the messages of this media house can set a nation on fire. I am fully aware of the international laws that guides Journalism and I think Sahara Reporters has gone past their limit. For me what the Instigate is hate and rancor, it is a destructive media.

My dear friends I have decided to pursue a lawsuit against them and I am willing to fight it to the highest court in the world. Ibhave posted this on my Facebook, and got thousands of reaction, I am preparing to get it on YouTube and other media platforms. I think this kind of Journalism is bad for Nigeria and am preparing my evidence and facts to challenge this case in court. I will pray that the court brings down Sahara reporters from the web and block their passage to dissemination of this violence culpable reporting.

Barr.(Dr) Francis Oloruntoba
Sydney, Australia.